Norm at the start of it all!History

Preferred Popcorn, LLC was born in the fall of 1997. Norm Krug, Chairman and Founder, solicited three area entrepreneurial farmers to join him in purchasing a dormant popcorn processing plant adjacent to one of Mr. Krug’s properties. As the venture gained interest, the Aurora Coop joined the popcorn enterprise in order to increase the crop choices for its patrons.  Bulk  and microwave popcorn sales have been steadily increasing ever since!

Grower contracts were issued for the popcorn producers. In the summer of 1998, Preferred Popcorn, LLC shipped their first load of bulk popcorn. During our twelve years of existence, Preferred Popcorn has now shipped both bulk and microwave popcorn to over 40 countries on five continents.

In March of 2010, Preferred Popcorn LLC acquired the bulk popcorn division of Preston Farms in Palmyra, Indiana. 

"This is truly great news for our companies," said Preferred Popcorn Chief Executive Officer Norman Krug of Chapman, whose company's strategic focus is on bulk popcorn, both domestic and export.

He said Preston Farms and Preferred Popcorn have been partnering with each other over the past couple of years to grow, clean and ship popcorn from Palmyra.  

"This has been a very worthwhile venture and has provided some great opportunities for both parties," Krug said.  ( See news items for the complete article from the Grand Island Independent about Preferred Popcorn's purchase of Preston Farms' bulk popcorn division)

Who We Are

Preferred Popcorn, LLC is located near Chapman in the fertile Platte River valley of south central Nebraska. This 100% farmer-owned company grows and processes premium popcorn for both bulk popcorn sales and microwave popcorn sales around the world.  With the addition of the Indiana location, Preferred Popcorn now has popcorn being grown in several states including:   Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Preferred Popcorn represents many farmers striving to accomplish one goal: to provide a premium popcorn to popcorn-lovers everywhere.  This excellence is characterized by delicious, fluffy kernels of whole-grain goodness enjoyed by millions of people around the globe.

Preferred Popcorn owners have over 30 years of experience in growing popcorn. With proven dedication from the field to the popper, we will meet your needs and specifications. 

Our popcorn is Picked to be the Best!