Popcorn and cereals – the new superfoods?

Popcorn and breakfast cereals, frequently derided as junk food, may contain "surprisingly large" servings of healthy antioxidants, according to chemical researchers.

Growing Green Popcorn

Norm in fieldCinemas Green movement extends also to popcorn-farming which, as implied, is easier on the environment.

Popcorn Challenge

The only competition of its kind on the planet!

Yes, the ”Third Annual screentrade Popcorn Challenge” welcomed in the 85th Annual Coast Guard Festival on Saturday, July 25 in Grand Haven, MI – a beach community on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Nebraska Pops Japan

Next time you’re in Japan and you see a line around the block for a movie, the people may not be waiting only to see a flick.

It may be the popcorn they’re after.

According to a story in the Lincoln Journal-Star, Preferred Popcorn, a Chapman-based company only around for about 5 years, has signed a lucrative deal with an exclusive Japanese theater chain.

Who is Preferred Popcorn?

So, you may be asking - "Who is Preferred Popcorn"?



Preferred Popcorn is an international company specializing in shipping bulk and microwave popcorn and concessionary supplies around the world. To date, we have shipped millions of pounds of popcorn to over 40 countries around the world and are constantly opening new markets.