Phil Vick

Cedar Hill, Texas

Our family chooses Preferred Popcorn as our favorite snack-- delicious, healthful, and satisfying! We like the way each variety of Preferred enhances the naturally delicious taste of popcorn, adding the perfect blend of our favorite flavoring. It’s unanimous-- we prefer Preferred!

Chuck Colclasure

Sunrise Express, Inc.
Grand Island, NE

Thank You to everybody and congratulations on 15 years! It's a pleasure doing business with a company known around the world who delights individuals of all ages. Thanks again for the warm welcome and tour of your new facility and the samples of your delicious popcorn!



I have good news for you. The biggest newspaper in Finland tested about 10-12 popcorn brands. Winner was Preferred popcorn's popcorn! Five stars out of five. You are the best! Your company name was mentioned in the article. And the article was very positive. Popcorn is good, and healthy snack.

Susan McConnell

Sun Theater

I manage the local movie theater in Holdrege. The national brand popcorn that we had been using was just o.k., so I decided to look for a different brand. After Googling “Nebraska grown popcorn” I came across Preferred Popcorn.  After doing some checking out the website, I decided to order a 35 lb bag of the Platinum brand to try.  Best decision I’ve made this year.  I popped a batch for the owners first. They were thoroughly impressed so I decided to try it out on the customers.  Customers noticed the difference right away.  “Much crisper”, “Lighter”, “Less hully”, “All around better flavor”.  We were sold!  Thank you Preferred Popcorn!!!

Wulf Kroekel


I live in the mountains of Panama. For years I've been buying a namebrand microwave popcorn. That stopped when the parent company decided to use a little less popcorn in the (microwave) bag.

 It was noticeable because suddenly the previously normal time now caused burnt popcorn!

 Tried your Natural Flavor popcorn and was amazed. Quantity was like the other brand, and the flavor was superior. Please don't change a thing.....you have won my heart (I love popcorn).

 Many thanks........

Wulf Kroekel

James Holman

Holman Enterprises, Inc.
Arnold, NE

I have tried every name brand, and Preferred Popcorn is the BEST tasting.  I send it to all my relatives, and give it to my local theater.  When I find a good product, I push it--especially when it's from Nebraska.


Office Manager

I was informed that (a national chain) purchases your popcorn for their food courts, and I am such a huge fan of it!

Barry Lacow

Online Customer

I received a gift box of snacks. Preferred Popcorn was included and we were amazed. It is by far the best of the best! Thank you.

Mel & Joyce Grim

"We began using Preferred Popcorn for our Kettle Korn business about five years ago. The popcorn withstands the (kettle corn) process and the final product is absolutely delicious (at least that is what our customers tell us)!"