We now offer All-In-One Popcorn Kits!

Sell more popcorn with this secret ingredient!

This special blend of Canola and Coconut oils makes for great tasting popcorn!

1 gallon jug

We now offer 2 lb. Natural Popcorn Kernels!

What is more delicious than caramel popcorn?  How about caramel popcorn without all the fat and calories!?!  For only 5 calories per serving, you can add delicious caramel flavor to your popcorn.   Try caramel flavoring on yogurt, ice cream, or our extra butter microwave corn for a sweet and tangy change of pace!

Nacho Cheddar

Cheese and popcorn...popcorn and cheese!  Either way you look at it, it is a great combination!  Nacho cheddar flavoring is great on its own, or mix it with the jalapeño for a special "kick" of flavor!

A creamy and tangy Ranch flavor will git' your popcorn a hootin' and a hollerin'!

Try It On: Baked Potatoes, Salad, Pizza, Dips, Vegetables, Make Your Own Ranch Dip, Eggs (1 stp. per egg), Baked Chicken, Hamburgers, Stuffing, Casserole, Ranch Dressing, French Fries, Homemade Potato Chips, Nachos, Grilled Cheese, Corn of the Cob, Chicken Winds, and more!

Delicious gourmet variety that literally melts in your mouth!  Tender and addictive in taste. These tender white kernels are so good that we here at Preferred warn people of their addictive qualities!  Order a bag today.  You will love it!  Available in 50 lb bags.

Cajun Seasoning

Tested and approved by the state of Louisiana.  That's right, the WHOLE State of Louisiana!  Try it on:  Eggs, Nuts, Chicken, Hamburgers, Pizza, Dips, Potatoes, Steak, Corn on the Cob, Homemade Potato Chips, Seafood, Fish, Breading, Stuffing, Fries, Nachos, Soup, and more!

Delicious!  Buffalo Wing seasoning can be used on Popcorn, Chicken, Ribs, Pizza, Nuts, Potatoes, Homemade Potato Chips, and anything else you want to spice up!

We now offer All-In-One Popcorn Kits!

We now offer All-In-One Popcorn Kits!

We now offer All-In-One Popcorn Kits!

Our highest expansion popcorn 44-48:1 is top quality theatre grade.  

Expansion rate of 40-43:1, with fluffy kernels that are great tasting, and fun to eat.  

Expansion rate of 36-40:1, makes this our economy label.

The round shape kernels of mushroom are perfect for making gourmet popcorn such as cheese, caramel, chocolate, or even kettle corn.  

Our delicious microwave popcorn is now bursting with the taste of real cheese.

We have combined spicy peppers and fresh popcorn to create a microwave snack with a kick-- jalapeño flavored microwave popcorn!

Our special light seasoning enhances the already delicious natural popcorn flavor.