Preferred Popcorn Wins Screentrade Magazine's Taste Challenge

Vendors arrived from Louisiana, Minnesota,

A World of Popcorn A World of Popcorn

By John Schreier
WORLD-HERALD staff writer

Crunch Time

  Every year millions of Americans vow to better their health. Gym memberships are renewed, cupboards are cleared, and diets are begun. People want to eat smarter and put a few more crunches into their workout routine.

January is Diet Month

Despite our best intentions, we gobbled down too much turkey over the holidays. The plum pudding turned into plump padding, the crescent roll into a belly roll, and those rounds of corks popping made a button or two pop. Like millions of Americans, we ate too much over the holidays and it's time to get back in shape.

Family Wins Popcorn for a Year

Boone County Family Wins Popcorn for a Year

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