Our People

Our People

Picked from the Best

Preferred Popcorn Headquarters

Norm Krug
Todd Gerdes
Consulting General Manager
Kelly Grossnicklaus
Chief Financial Officer
Sam Krug
General Manager
Plant Operations Manager
Elliott Murphy - Preferred Popcorn
Grain Quality and Outside Operations Manager
Dora Cunningham
Document Specialist
Becky Deichmann
Office Manager
Human Resources
Brenda Budzinski - Preferred Popcorn
Operations Manager
Thomas Peace - Preferred Popcorn
Logistics Manager
Joab Meyer
Director of Asian Operations

Preferred Popcorn Central

John Kennebeck
Plant Manager
Angela- Preferred Popcorn
Office Manager

Preferred Popcorn East

Brian Churchill
Plant Manager
Matt Weathers
Office Manager/Document Specialist
Travis Byrum
Plant Operations Manager


Rosi Hernandez
Director of Latin American Sales/Marketing
Andrea Krug
Director of Marketing/New Products
Jayne Davis
Domestic Sales Representative
Dave Roberts
Domestic Sales Representative
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