Our People

Our People

Picked from the Best

Preferred Popcorn Headquarters

Norm Krug
Kelly Grossnicklaus
Chief Financial Officer
Sam Krug
General Manager
Elliott Murphy - Preferred Popcorn
Grain Quality and Outside Operations Manager
Dora Cunningham
Document Specialist
Becky Deichmann
Office Manager
Christi Krug
Human Resources
Brenda Budzinski - Preferred Popcorn
Joab Meyer
Director of Asian Operations
Adam Castaneda
Logistics Manager
Scott Dominick
Plant Operations Manager
John Kennebeck
Plant Manager

Preferred Popcorn Central

Angela- Preferred Popcorn
Office Manager

Preferred Popcorn East

Brian Churchill
Plant Manager
Matt Weathers
Office Manager/Document Specialist
Travis Byrum
Plant Operations Manager


Thomas Peace - Preferred Popcorn
International Sales Representative
Rosi Hernandez
Director of Latin American Sales/Marketing
Andrea Krug
Director of Marketing/New Products
Jayne Davis
Domestic Sales Representative
Dave Roberts
Domestic Sales Representative
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