John Kennebeck

John Kennebeck
Plant Manager
Preferred Popcorn Headquarters

John Kennebeck launched his career in popcorn when he was just 15 years old, learning the ropes of his family's business - K&W Popcorn - in Trenton, MO. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business in 1998, and returned to K&W where he took on an ever expanding role as the Vice President of Operations. For the past 18 years, John helped his father manage every aspect of the business, including dynamic growth in K&W's organic line. When Preferred Popcorn acquired K&W in 2015, John agreed to continue to head operations in Trenton and advise Preferred Popcorn on organic sales and marketing. John also serves on the U.S. Popcorn Board technical committee. John lives in Trenton, MO with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys anything outdoors and spending time with family.

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