Premium Processing

Preferred Popcorn, LLC produces top quality popcorn for both bulk and microwave popcorn by having its growers' acres located in the heartland of America's fertile, irrigated farmland. Growers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, and Kentucky grow Preferred Popcorn using the newest farm technology and green farming practices such as no-till methods.  In dry areas, irrigation guarantees the moisture necessary to ensure the availability of consistent quality popcorn.  Only the best quality popcorn gets a chance to become Preferrred!

Once harvest is complete, the popcorn is removed from the storage bins and the second High tech processing phase begins. The popcorn kernels are polished and sorted by weight and size. Damaged kernels and any foreign material in the popcorn are discarded.

The popcorn kernels are then sent through a color-sorting machine, which completes the "premium" process using the most advanced technology available. This high-tech machine views each kernel and determines its quality based on color. The color must be of premium quality for the kernel to be placed into a Preferred Popcorn bag.  Our new automated robotic arm makes sure that the bags are stacked and ready to go in the most efficient manner possible.


With our state-of-the-art processing, Preferred Popcorn represents quality in every bag of popcorn, whether bulk popcorn for our consumers and theaters, or microwave popcorn in one of our five delicious flavors including:  Butter, Extra Butter, Cheese, Natural, and spicy Jalapeno.