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Once Upon an American Popcorn Farm...

Once Upon an American Popcorn Farm...

Back in the 1950’s a young farmer and his son looked out over their field of popcorn – filled with anticipation – and a shared love for this wholesome snack. Neither of them knew then that popcorn would change their lives – and the lives of those in their community. That little boy took over the family farm during one of the hardest era’s in American agriculture – the 1980’s. And it was popcorn that pulled the family through. 


  • We Are American Farmers Dedicated to Sustainable Popcorn Farming

    We love dirt. Healthy soils carefully balanced with microbes, organic matter, minerals, and nutrients. We don’t love chemicals – or excessive carbon emissions – or wasteful packaging. We are constantly testing new technology to improve the efficient use of water, reduce the use of synthetic chemicals, and expand our ability to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions.

  • Numbers that Pop!

    • 100% FARMER OWNED
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